Here is the marketing department of Koorosh Protein Company (KPC).
We all are trying to make sustainable and positive interactions with our customers.
Once speaking about marketing, promotions and ads are mostly illustrated as well as visitors' promotion methods.
Interestingly, market investigations, product design, pricing, packaging, and even the promotions are just a part of our job here and our major action is how to find the customers, their needs and what to do to preserve them.
In fact, any event reflecting the mutual interaction between the company and the customer, from 360 degree campaign of sale and marketing, to a critical contact or constructive offer, all are relevant to the marketing department and needs our staff investigations.
We convinced that this is not easy achieved; however, it absolutely demands your companion and empathy.

Our duties in marketing department
Customer Adsorption
The leading role of marketing dep. is to enable the organization for customer adsorption.
There is no revenue or any business without customers!. Customer adsorption enhances the organization to raise the business trading activities. However, marketing is not the end point of sale and the customers are getting awarded and then their attention will be focused and adsorbed to the considerable point.

Customer Preservation
The second duty of marketing department is to preserve the current customers and increase and activate the potential ones. This part of duties might be a little more difficult and need investment since those customers entering this door will exit handily through the other door!.
There are in fact problems and challenges which limit the company power in this department:

Earning money
The third duty of marketing dep. is to be present in the market and earn revenues. Company income was just computed through the receivable amount and company documents till 1970. But, today, intangible capitals such as mental and speculated talents and traits of labor, valuable customers, gained scores and satisfaction sense of the customers are also accounted for company revenues and can positively influence the performance of it.

-    To define the potential customers and their needs and willing
There are two categorization of customers:
-    Potential customers (those who will buy the products in the future and are assessing and selecting the product but tend to buy)
-    Actual customers( those who are ready to buy the products and do not need to pass another step, they are actually our customers)

In our department, customer and buyer are distinct and the potential and actual customers are also differentiated and the potential customers are trying to become the actual customers, understanding the needs of each category.

-    To define the target markets
Marketing team should describe and define the target markets and take the required actions to penetrate them according to the marketing hierarchy and their prioritization.  

-    Product design and R&D cooperation
Thanks to the relations and realizations toward the customers, marketing dep. can help R&D dep. to design the products by:
-    Goods and services distribution in appropriate time and region
-    Making sustainable relation with the customers and representing the required information.
-    Assessing the customer feedback and after sale services provision
Each system has its own inlet, process and outlet. The outputs influence the next input, so the next output will modify consequently. To prepare the report of such output is the duty of marketers in order to modify the system and the product using the results (either for products or for the services)
-    Achieving the organizational goals (increment the market share, profit , …)
-    To generate a customer-oriented thought
As marketing directorship and the staff of this dep. and sale and market development recognize the sustainability of the system on the strength of customer-orientation and customer axis, should share their demonstrations and reasoning to the other parts not relating with the customers to capable them the customer –orientation thought. That’s why a customer oriented system will succeed and sustain in the market.

Marketing departments
-    Market investigation dep.
In order to better understand the customers' needs, and to communicate with your taste as our customer, our market investigation team should represent a  thorough study of the customers behavior as a consumer to the marketing dep. and even the total organization. To find new opportunities to introduce the products and to foresee the customers' needs are of the other elements necessitate the market investigation dep. for the company and the customers:
-    Graphic design dep.:
-    Delegate design, using unique colors and patterns, will inevitably influence the customers' demands and consumers as well. Creativity and innovation and expedition are of the distinct properties of the graphic dep. of KPC.

Digital marketing dep.
We can get more familiar and realize the importance of digital marketing if we accept that the customer is taking a trip from the point of attention to the point of payment for a product.   
A trip in which everything is going to be formed virtually and non-touchable and it is required to be supported by an adorable digital marketing team.  
In a digital world, we are faced with the customer mind and imaginations, and should create a confident attitude toward the product.

-    Trade marketing dep
Trade is an interesting dep. of marketing which attempts to create the highest sense of decisiveness and incentive to the customer and consumer. Trade marketing dep. of KPC (Kimbal) has been founded aiming customer orientation and facilitates the selling process to the customers.

Customer relation dep
Our staff in customer relation dep. is trying to communicate a satisfactory relation with the customers and consumers and is acting as an entire ear to the organization.

Internet shopping dep
The physical shopping is being replaced by the internet shopping in this complicated busy world in which the time is so limited for good profitable shopping.
Internet shopping dep. has been influential with its good sale on OKala and Digikala and could have reached a remarkable share of Kimbal products market.

General relation dep
The general relation dep. is noticed as the most upgrade and dynamic unit of the marketing dep. This unit duty is to inform all the customers and consumers from all the news and information inside or out of the company relevant to the food industry and helps the communication between the sale and promotion.
In fact, general relation dep. is the organization entire voice, despite the customer relation dep. which is the entire ear of the organization